June 08, 2017

Trove Game Will Be The 'Ultimate Sandbox'

Trove Game similar to Minecraft are developed not only by Trion Worlds, but also quite respectable companies. So, Trion Worlds, known for such projects as RIFT and Archeage, undertook to sculpt its cubic sandbox. The world of Trove is a bunch of separate locations, and the locations are infinite, because their landscape is generated randomly along with the player's advance into the world. Each world can hold up to 60 players, although in the future, developers promise to increase this figure.

Trove will be the best Voxel sandbox at all. This is certainly the goal of Game Director Andrew Krausnick. "Simply put, if there is something fun with voxels and a MMO adventure setting, we will do it and we will be the best." In order to make the game even better, this year, many new fun features come in Trion's colorful online sandbox.

Trove has character classes/levels, the ability to purchase/swap classes, cool equipment, and not to mention, it’s actually an MMORPG. There’s a lot going on here, as crafting acts as a central sun of which an entire solar system of content orbits. You get a house for free via questing, but if it’s not your style, you can wreck it and redesign it from scratch after you farm the materials that you would like instead.

New colors and types of blocks come into play, new mechanics and portals - the players should contribute more to the gameplay and create new endgame Shadow Dungeons. The economy should be bigger, more important and more appealing. And slowly but surely the game from the beta. "Our goal is to complete the beta sooner rather than later." In the meantime, all users will continue to eagerly deliver feedback, report bugs and problems, and actively help make Trove a better game. Read more about Trove on our theme page.

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